NetScaler MyMaintenance .NET – LB service monitoring/management

Are you looking for a way to monitor and control your load balancing services on Citrix NetScaler from the back-end server or your admin workstation?

For NetScaler administrators as well as server administrators, such a tool will be beneficial for everyday operations and maintenance. For example, server admins can take their systems „out-of-service“ in order to prepare maintenance tasks without bothering the NetScaler admins. 😉

We are happy to announce a solution both for automated (CLI, scriptable) as well as interactive and GUI-friendly management of your load balancing services: MyMaintenance Java and MyMaintenance .NET.

For Windows systems (servers or admin clients) with .NET 4.0 installed, MyMaintenance .NET provides a tray icon showing the status of configured services on NetScaler:

Only one click away is maintenance control (disable/enable) of those services. Communication with NetScaler uses the NITRO API and individual access credentials – we will configure command policies to restrict users to „their“ services for you.

The services to be monitored and controlled can be chosen from a list of automatically detected services on the IP addresses of the local system (MyMaintenance on back-end server) or from manually provided server addresses (on admin clients):

MyMaintenance Java is available as compiled binary for Windows and Unix/Linux to be included in batch operations or to control services from non-.NET-capable back-ends. Both tools are free of license costs, but will be implemented (including Command Policies etc.) by Consulting>>Lounge in one day of on-site or remote consulting usually. Feel free to contact us at!

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