Video: HP 3PAR Priority Optimization

Hi folks.

HP 3PAR is everywhere around the world. Thats why I use my humble English skills. The following video is for all of you administrators out there sitting in noisy server rooms and data centers doing a great job to thousands of customers. So this video is without any sound.

Just watchIT!

Note: Any volume used for Priority Optimization has to be part of a volume-set. Otherwise you won’t see anything in the QoS wizard.
IT works. Simple, efficient and solid! 🙂

…for explanation on the video content if you like, 

  • First you’ll find a view at IOmeter workers
  • Second is an overview of the IOmeter performance values (I/Os per second & MegaBytes per second; workers are running with full load)
  • Next you see the rules of a configured QoS schedule (I/Os per second max. 1.000 & KiloBytes per second max. 2000; QoS schedule is off)
  • Here after QoS is being activated; workers are now limited by QoS rules
  • Looking back to IOmeter we can see HP 3PAR Priority Optimization is up and running