How to respond with the desired status code

As you probably know, NetScaler can respond to a client request with a website stored directly on the appliance. Since 10.5 you can even use the new GUI to import the sources from any website reachable from your  NetScaler appliance. This is a great feature to give a meaningful response to your users. But let’s check the details, because the devil is in the details.

First of all you’ll need to add some tools to your browser to see all the details. I usually use my Firefox with the add-ons „Live HTTP Headers“ and „HttpRequester“. For this test I will use the „HttpRequester“ to show you the difference.

I’m using a really simple html page to deliver as an error page to my test user. The page was imported through the import html wizard.


You can use the page from a responder policy to deliver the page to your user. The content will be delivered to your client. That means there will be a status code 200 that means everything is alright. But we are trying to deliver a different message. Because we have a situation that is not alright!

So how to get the right status delivered? Just build the response on your own. 🙂

Let’s compare the different results:


That’s a really annoying way to setup the response, but if you need the right response code, you actually have to deal with it. But I’ll try to address this in the next meeting with Citrix NetScaler product management.