XenMobile 10: Admin lockout and password recovery

We experienced, that if the Citrix XenMobile 10 Server (XMS) recognizes a connection loss to the mapped SQL server that hosts the XenMobile-database, the service keeps running but no admin login and no new device enrollment is possible.

After fixing the SQL server´s problem the XMS needs a reboot. The XMS creates a database entry for his own administrative account(s) in the zdm-database on the remote SQL server. Because of a lack of connection the XMS rejects the valid administrative credentials, so no login to the admin pane is available anymore until the database connection is successfully reinizialized.

If you forgot your XMS-Administrator passcode you can assign a new one by editing the SQL database entry via MS SQL Management Studio.

Please be careful! If you set a wrong parameter or delete fields or rows included in the database the function of your Enterprise Mobility Solution can´t be granted anymore.

Go to Databases > ZDM > Tables and edit the first rows of the table dbo.SECURITY_CREDENTIAL. You´ll find an Entry where the PRINCIPAL_ID is equal to 7 and the full path name is /user/administrator. To reset your local zdm-Administrator account just edit the database dbo.SECURITY_CREDENTIAL and fill in your new passcode in the COLUMN_VALUE field. You also have to change the value in the IS_ENCODED field from 1 to 0. From this point on, your local administrator´s passcode isn´t stored encoded anymore in the SQL database until you logon to your XMS admin pane. Then the value should be reset to 1. To finish the operation save your changes and exit the database or quit MS SQL Management Studio and restart your virtual XMS appliance. After rebooting the XenMobile Server the changes should take effect and you´ll be able to login to your XenMobile admin pane.