WLAN-Infrastruktur Setup in wenigen Minuten?

Kunden oder Gäste fragen Sie immer wieder nach einem WLAN-Zugang, den Sie bisher nicht anbieten konnten?

Sie haben das Thema WLAN bisher vermieden, weil virtuelle Netzwerke, IP-Adressen und Subnetzmasken Fremdwörter für Sie sind? Sie haben die hohen Aufwände für Installation und Betrieb einer performanten WLAN-Infrastruktur gescheut? Ihre IT besteht nur aus Ihnen und Sie müssen die gesamte Infrastruktur betreiben? Fühlen Sie sich angesprochen, sollten Sie diesen Blogpost nun mit erhöhter Aufmerksamkeit lesen!

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Brocade EIC @ Bracknell, Great Britain

Recently, we visited the Brocade EMEA Innovation Centre in Bracknell to get the latest news about networking and SDN. Our business partner Brocade Communications invited two of our Networking Consultants to the EMEA Headquarter in Great Britain. After a pleasant flight we were been picked up by a driver at Heathrow Airport and were brought to the EIC. Bert Meyer, Channel Account Manager at Brocade Communications introduced the briefing before Beth Brown gave us a good start with „Why Brocade – The New IP“. Nick Williams and Steve Day gave us an overview of Brocade VCS- and VDX-Systems with a pretty impressive Demo.

SDN was presented to us as well as the difference of SDN- and NFV-Systems. We had a nice evening with a guided tour in Windsor and a great dinner at a local pub. The next day was filled with some further presentations, a demonstration of the Brocade Network Advisor (BNA), some great news about the new Campus Switching. The banners at Brocade´s Headquarter say „The network is dead. Long live the network.“ – we, Marcel Stolze and Daniel Lengies, definitely saw it alive at Brocade EMEA Innovation Centre in Bracknell near London. It was quite a great journey with a lot of technical input. Feel free to contact us for consulting services.